Jojune Battle Tendency: Episode 6- A Hero’s Proof

AYAYAYAYAI…this was disappointing. I expected a big fight or at least a greater show of power for ultimate lifeforms than what we got. So as you can imagine, I wasn’t a fan of this episode.

After the Pillar Men awaken and kill Jojo and the company’s guide into the secret location where they were, Caesar challenges them to a fight. He ultimately goes up against Wamuu and loses. Jojo takes a crack at him, but although he pulls out a new technique on him, he also loses to Wamuu. But Jojo has another plan up his sleeve and manages to lure Wamuu away as a means to let Caesar and Speedwagon escape. Wamuu catches onto the rouse and plans to kill Jojo himself.  However, Jojo convinces Wamuu to give him a month to become a better Hamon user and challenge him properly. Wamuu agrees to the terms, but as an assurance, Wamuu and Esidisi place deadly devices in him that will kill him if he doesn’t face them within one month. The Pillar Men then make their escape.

Yeah, wow. This episode was boring to me! I mean, come on! We got to meet the Pillar Men in the previous episode and watch them take out a literal string of Nazi soldiers, and what do we get here? Talking! All we get from the three of them together is this exchange of dialogue that I honestly couldn’t care less about. REALLY?!

Now to be fair, there is the fight between Wamuu and Caesar and (later) Jojo. 

That’s not bad, but I really wanted more from the Pillar Men than what the episode gives. I think the most that we get from them is the face reveals of Esidisi and Kars. I feel like with the spectacular introduction we got in The Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times, this episode should have kept up with that, and it didn’t. 

Heck, Sanveinto got more justice than these guys get here, and he’s not even the main villain!

Still, while I didn’t particularly like this episode, there are a few good takeaways here. For one, we do get to see Jojo and Caesar use their Hamon abilities on someone other than each other. We also get introduced to Jojo’s clacker volleys. Jojo is not the most seasoned Hamon fighter. Still, he does possess other skills that make him pretty capable during his bout with Wammu. I had no doubt that Caesar would be a disappointment in battle either. 

So, I guess we get some nice early exhibition fights here.  We also get build up into the next episode with the rings. They both bring on a new sense of urgency in the episode, keeping us going into the episodes to follow.  But still, if this episode was just fodder for the next episode and two exhibition fights that even Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul would laugh at, then I’m sorry, I’m not interested. Don’t worry, though. We’re still embarking on this bizarre adventure to the end!

So yeah, this was a disappointing episode to me, even though there are some things to get out of it. Hopefully, the next episode and the introduction to Caesar’s trainer will liven things up. Nice!

Stay tuned till then!

-Hanime on Anime

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