Jojune Battle Tendency: Episode 7- Lisa Lisa, Hamon Coach

Lisa Lisa, Hamon Coach is a nice departure from the doom and gloom (if you could call it that) from the previous episode. But the stakes are made higher in Jojo’s Hamon training in this episode alone. Literally, Jojo’s advanced Hamon training is all shown in this one episode. We’ll talk more about that in a minute. But for now, let’s get into today’s review!

After the events of A Hero’s Proof, Jojo finds himself in a bind with the Pillar Men. With only a month to sharpen his Hamon skills, or else he’ll die from the two rings wrapped around his heart and throat, Jojo panics over the short time. Caesar comes up with a solution by having Jojo train under his mentor, a woman known as Lisa Lisa. A master Hamon user, she immediately begins Jojo’s training at Caesar’s request, which it is not easy. Both Jojo and Caesar are thrown to the wolves on the spot by climbing the Hell Climb Pillar. This particular pillar is 24 meters (about 79 ft.) high and has oil running down its structure. Those who climb the pillar are only allowed to scale it using Hamon. However, Jojo and Caesar climb it all the way, and soon, Jojo’s Hamon training really begins (and ends).

This is a pretty good episode, especially since we get our first appearance of the mysterious Lisa Lisa. She plays a huge role in the show as Jojo’s mentor in Hamon. Though we actually learn later on in the show that she actually learned Hamon from Straizo. And if you’re wondering how she met Straizo, well…time to get into some spoilers here because we actually learn this information much later in the show.

Remember the baby that Erina saved at the end of Phantom Blood? That baby would later grow up to become Lisa Lisa! 

After Erina was rescued, Straizo took the baby in and raised her as his own daughter, teaching her Hamon along the way. There’s more to Lisa Lisa’s backstory here that particularly relates to Jojo, but I’ll save that for another day.  If nothing else, I thought it would be worth sharing how she became such a skilled Hamon user.

Both Caesar and Jojo grow considerably from climbing the Hell Climb Pillar, both in skill and as friends. Well, really, I feel like it’s Jojo whose skills are honed after that experience. Still, Caesar certainly came out of the experience with a considerable degree of growth. Then we get into Jojo’s actual training, which leads to the one issue with this episode.

Jojo’s month-long Hamon training is shortened down to a montage that barely lasts a minute. Yeah, that seems a little odd. Granted, I get how a seasoned shonen fan would be sick and tired of seeing yet another training story arc. But surely there could have been some specific part of Jojo’s training that we could have gotten to see to some degree? Right? I guess you could count the Hell Climb Pillar as the one specific training segment we get. But really? There’s not anything else we can see?

Well, maybe it’s to get us pumped for the next episode as we meet one of the Pillar Men again for Jojo’s first advanced Hamon fight.

Still, despite how empty I felt the episode was with Jojo’s training, it’s a great episode. And with that, stay tuned tomorrow as we see whether or not Jojo’s month-long training paid off!

-Hanime on Anime

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