Jojune Battle Tendency: Episode 8- The Deeper Plan

Well, I never thought I’d say this, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man cry so hard before.

Anyways, The Deeper Plan was a decent enough episode. We see Esidisi once again and get a look at how far Jojo has come in his one month of Hamon training (which was only a couple of seconds for the audience).

The Deeper Plan starts things off with the conclusion of Jojo and Caesar’s training. To test their skills, Lisa Lisa decides to put the two to a final match with two of her most advanced disciples, Loggins and Messina (called Loggs and Meshina in the English dub, but I’ll be using their original names this time around).  While Caesar’s fight with Messina goes off without a hitch, Jojo arrives to find that Loggins has been killed by Esidisi, who tracked down the Red Stone of Aja to Lisa Lisa’s island. We’ll talk more about that detail in a minute. Jojo is able to defeat Esidisi, but the end of the episode shows us that things with Esidisi aren’t over just yet.

Before I get into my initial thoughts on the episode here, I have to talk about the Red Stone of Aja since I failed to mention earlier in the month when the Pillar Men were first introduced.

The Pillar Men have extraordinary powers, but they cannot go out in the daylight. Like I said in my review on The Pillar Man, they’re like super vampires. One of the reasons why the Stone Masks were created in the first place was to serve as a holding place for a particular stone called, you guessed it, the Red Stone of Aja. This is a mysterious stone that can refract incredible amounts of light. And while the Pillar Men were able to create a mask that could hold the stone, they could find the right stone to contain it. This brings us back to the current events of the show.  Lisa Lisa actually keeps guard over one Stone of Aja that would be able to fit on one of the Pillar Men’s special masks. 

And if you haven’t picked up on it, other Stone Masks, like the one Dio used in Phantom Blood, were simply prototypes. I reiterate, Kars was laughing his head off every time Dio called himself a god.

But with that out of the way, how did this episode hold up as a whole? Not too bad, actually.

The fight between Jojo and Esidisi was pretty good, though I wouldn’t call it one of the best. Jojo proves to the audience and Esidisi that his month-long training has helped him come a long way. I like, too, that this episode took some time to explain the Red Stone of Aja and its importance to the Pillar Men. Heck, even writing this, I don’t think you would have needed me to tell you about it. 

But the only downside to this episode is that it does the same thing that the previous episode does: it rushes Jojo’s training.

This episode cuts right to the chase and seems to jump right into Jojo’s fight with Esidisi. But unlike the previous episode, I kind of get why this episode was paced the way that it was. There’s quite a bit going on in this fight that would have taken up the whole episode.  Unless the creators wanted to add more detail about the events leading up to this match, it would have taken up another episode. Though technically, it kind of does.

So while this episode does some odd pacing, there are two great things to get out of it. One is the battle between Jojo and Esidisi. The other is a further explanation of the Pillar Men’s plan and the Red Stone of Aja. All in all, I can’t complain too much about it.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the terrifying second round of Jojo and Esidisi’s fight and a reappearance of everyone’s favorite Nazi!

-Hanime on Anime

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