Jojune Battle Tendency: Episode 14- The Warrior of Wind

Kars, you bastard! You had to go and be a little sneak!

The Warrior of Wind was a great and surprisingly touching conclusion to the fight between Jojo and Wamuu. Still, it was also a great start to the final battle between Jojo and Kars. Let’s not waste any time here and get right into it!

After the initial chariot race-style battle between Jojo and Wamuu, Wamuu pulls out a last-minute technique to finish off a seemingly defeated Jojo called the Atomsphiric Rift. This fails with yet another one of Jojo’s sneaky tricks, and Wamuu is defeated. 

However, before Wamuu dies, Jojo pays his respects to him as a token of gratitude for Caesar’s respect after his defeat. After this, the fight between Kars and Lisa Lisa begins. But Kars never went into the fight with honest intentions (aka, he cheats) and easily defeated Lisa Lisa. Jojo confronts Kars after witnessing the incident, and the fight between Jojo and Kars for the Red Stone of Aja begins. The episode ends with a shocking plot twist involving Lisa Lisa.

This was an overall great episode. I think the best part of it for me was the conclusion of Jojo and Wamuu’s fight. In particular, I loved Wamuu’s final moments.

Despite being one of the main villains for Battle Tendency, Wamuu lived for only one purpose in life: to live as a warrior. Even he admits that having immortal life never really mattered to him as long as he lived a life of honor. So yeah, Wamuu, of the three Pillar Men, was the better man of them…even if he wasn’t really a man.  

Another part of Wamuu’s final moments that I loved was how Jojo honors Wamuu back.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Jojo, the main character, takes the time to pay his respects to one of the main villains of Part 2. And it’s actually a very touching moment. After being pumped full of Hamon by him, Jojo decides to give Wamuu a little blood to help ease his pain. Wamuu recognizes this as Jojo’s way of honoring him as a warrior and competitor. 

Watching Jojo pay his respects to Wamuu echoes back to what Wamuu did for Caesar following the end of that round. And believe it or not, this was actually the one moment from this fight that I remember before rewatching Battle Tendency.  It’s a sweet moment and fitting end to a fierce warrior like Wamuu.  

And then Kars goes and takes a massive, stinky dump all over that.

I’ve mentioned before what an absolute bastard Kars is. And here it is in full display. Not even those long luscious locks of his can excuse it. But that leg guitar bit had me dying with laughter, though, so I’ll give him that.

His fight with Lisa Lisa proves what kind of a person Kars is. He may be cunning, but he always opts to take the easy way out.  And all the while, he glorifies himself as this pinnacle of creation. Heck, he even disrespects Wamuu after his death when he calls him weak for holding onto his moral codes to the very end. Kars is an all-around scumbag, through and through. But I expect no less from Jojo!

In an episode with plenty of emotional moments, it was great. Whether it’s Wamuu’s touching end to Kars becoming an evil buff unicorn, I had fun with this episode.

Now I know I left one detail from this episode out of this review, but I’ll be saving that for tomorrow’s review. Stay tuned for when I talk about the (literal) mother of all plot twists in Jojo!

-Hanime on Anime

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