Jojune: Stardust Crusaders: Episodes 36 and 37- The Return of Hol Horse and Mondotta

I’ll be completely honest, I was not invested in this next set of episodes.  Upon my second watch, these weren’t bad episodes.  But they feature the final appearances of two characters that I and the show could care less about.

This is another one of those I’ve just gotta rip the band-aid off, so let’s get it going.

The episode starts with Hol Horse’s third and final appearance at Dio’s mansion in Cairo.  He arrives to inform him that Jotaro and the others are set to arrive in Cairo soon (this is a day or so before their battle with D’Arby).  Unimpressed, Dio sends Hol Horse away, who then retaliates by trying to kill him.  But when Dio evades the would-be assassination and decides to go after Jotaro and the crew.  He then does a quick errand to Aswan, which leads to the present day.

Hol Horse takes Mondatta against his will and forces him to help defeat the Crusaders in Cairo.  Mondatta is obviously reluctant to help but agrees after proving his Stand’s effective precognitive abilities.  The two eventually track the Crusaders down to a bazaar in Giza.  But after two effective albeit funny attempts.  They ultimately fail to kill them off due to Hol Horse being impatient.  Hol Horse is sent to the hospital for gunshot wounds, and Mondatta follows after when he’s attacked by Iggy.

So like I said earlier, I wasn’t invested in either of these episodes.  And most of that was due to their focus on Hol Horse and Mondatta.  And if you remember my review on the Oingo Boingo Brothers episode, my biggest reason for not liking them is that the show doesn’t seem to like them much either, despite being competent Stand Users.  When the two start working together, they do significant damage.  But they’re still treated like comic relief.  

Why bother taking these episodes seriously when the show doesn’t take them or its stars seriously?!  These episodes are like a side note, not knowing the significant challenge at stake.

Though, to their credit, they aren’t terrible episodes.  They are entertaining episodes.  The scene where Hol Horse sticks his fingers up Polnareff’s nose is funny.  Then there’s the one where Mondatta throws up on Hol Horse that also got a big laugh out of me, mostly because I thought Hol Horse had that coming.  And I can’t forget that big scene at the beginning with Dio and Hol Horse.

This moment gives us the first glimpse of Dio in a while and a sneak preview of his Stand.  It’s a crucial scene that, for me, was hidden by a lot of fluff that no one seems to give a damn about.

These were two episodes that I had no patients for, but at least they were funny.

At least tomorrow’s episodes will include a new and very unique Stand User and a battle featuring another User we haven’t focused on in quite some time.  Till then, enjoy the rest of your duwang!

-Hanime on Anime

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