Hanime on Analysis: What I Didn’t Say about the Forger “Family”


Greetings, fabulous people of the Internet! Hanime on Anime here, and yes, we’re talking about Spy x Family again. But we’ll be talking about a specific part of this smash hit show/manga series.

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If you read my review on Spy x Family, the show’s best aspect was its main characters, Twilight, Yor, and Anya. Or more often known in the show as Loid, Yor, and Anya Forger. These three have been some of the most fascinating characters I’ve seen in a long time. In fact, I didn’t get to discuss everything I wanted to say in my review. Had I done that, I would’ve been writing a five-page review easily.

This brings me to today’s Hanime on Analysis.

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Granted, a lot, if not most of what I’ll be talking about won’t be new. The points I want to highlight are basically the same ones I mentioned in my review on Spy x Family. Which, if you hadn’t read my review, these points boil down to their likability and overall presentation as a family unit. But I wanted to talk about this fake family a little more because they are just that interesting.

That said, let’s dig a little deeper into the Forgers.  

The Forgers as a Functioning Family

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In my initial thoughts on Spy x Family, I said in my review that the show felt odd, but in a good way. Most of that comes from the story’s focus. While a seemingly major world crisis is hinted at throughout, the show looks at these three random strangers pretending to be a family. What I found strange was that this looming crisis would usually be the primary problem. Instead, it’s about these strangers keeping up with the appearances. And yet, there’s a wholesomeness to that. 

If you want another way to think about it, consider this example.

Imagine you’re at a nice dinner party. So far, the festivities have been fantastic, and the hosts, a young married couple, have been gracious. Then suddenly, everyones’ phones go off to relay a warning. A massive storm has hit, and the surrounding area is now under a tornado warning. The hosts are undoubtedly concerned but ultimately feel they have no control over the situation and try to keep the guests calm and relaxed. And it works. Of course, the hosts take precautions for the weather, but their focus is to keep their guests happy.

In a nutshell, this crisis involving a well-known political figure is the impending severe weather, and the hosts are the Forgers. The show is completely aware of this looming danger, but it wants to remind you what the show is about, the family. I mean, heck, if you’re going to have a show called Spy x Family, it better have some focus on the family! But what makes this work is that the Forgers do, in fact, pull that off.

The Mary Sue

As I mentioned in my review, despite the Forgers not having any blood relation to each other or romantic attraction toward each other, Twilight, Yor, and Anya care for each other and enjoy each other’s company to some degree. There are numerous examples of this care, but let’s mention a few.


One of the best displays of love and affection these people show for each other is the relationship between Anya and Twilight. Anya views him as her father, mainly because she’s had no stable family or home to call her own. And often, like when she’s at Eden Academy, she tries to accomplish anything given to her because she knows it’ll be one step closer for Twilight to complete his mission, making him the happiest. But at the same time, Twilight shows an equal amount of affection for Anya.

A great example of this occurs early in the first two episodes. When Anya unintentionally gives away their location, Twilight feels he’s automatically a failure because he didn’t protect her. And even on a much smaller scale, there are a few moments where he acts like a legit parent. He’ll often think of Anya’s well-being or even try to comfort her if she’s upset. These two obviously have a connection resembling an actual father and daughter. But what about Yor?

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Despite knowing her marriage to Twilight, aka Loid, is a sham, she does her best as a stepmother to Anya and a “wife” to Twilight. Though in the case of acting as a stepmom, Yor doesn’t know that Anya isn’t Twilight’s biological child. But I think that makes her view of Anya so unique; it truly doesn’t matter to her whether or not Anya is her blood daughter. Anya is her daughter. And by that extent, she does everything she can to support her. And even with Twilight, she acts the same way as the loving and supporting wife. There’s a great moment towards the end of the first season after her brother Yuri is introduced, where Twilight (in disguise) tries to see if she’s working with the secret police. She answers that she has no ties with them (which is accurate as she really has no idea Yuri is with the secret police) but goes further, stating that she doesn’t want to jeopardize her family’s safety. This speaks volumes about the care she has for Twilight and Anya.

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Looking back on the show and discussing this unique dynamic, I remember a quote I recently heard from Doug Walker’s review of the live-action Addams Family movies. In this video, he states that even though the Addams family loves all things dark and morbid, they all enjoy doing said things together. And because of that, they’re considered a healthy and functioning family. To a lesser extent, I see the Forgers in the same way. While they know that their being a family is all a ruse to achieve a world-saving mission, they enjoy each other’s company. And in a day and age where the idea of what a family is is questioned, you could make the argument that they are a real family, whether they believe that or not.

But being a decently functioning family unit is only part of that, which leads to my other point discussed in my review.

The Forgers as Likable Individuals

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While the Forgers working as an actual family-even though the Forgers themselves admit they really aren’t- is an intriguing part of their characters, what makes that work so well is that each of the Forgers is likable and relatable.

Like I said in my review, all three of the Forgers have their own goals and motivations for carrying on this charade. But they aren’t terrible reasons. Twilight is trying to save the world, which stems from his own childhood experiences growing up in a world of chaos and violence. Yor goes through with her “fake marriage” to Twilight to keep her job with her unnamed employer and reassure her brother she’s doing fine. And Anya, as I said, just wants a mom and a dad because she never had that. At the core of each of these characters is something we can relate to or have been through ourselves. And what’s more, their actions throughout the series thus far also make them characters you want to root for despite their agendas and professions.

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One great moment that exemplifies this was when I discussed Twilight confronting Yor about her potential involvement with the secret police. Even though he goes through with questioning her on it, knowing it’s a huge violation of trust, he realizes that he crossed a line and abandons any notion of her knowing anything about her brother and his involvement with the secret police.  

This spoke to me as a newlywed because I’ve had to relearn the idea of having complete faith and trust in my husband. Though that isn’t to say I never have, it’s just trusting him in a new way. And Twilight learns through this incident to trust Yor’s cooperation with the fake marriage plan and her loyalty to him and Anya.

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I’ve also talked about Yor and her total devotion as a stepmother to Anya, even though she’s unaware that Anya is adopted. But really, even with that in mind, any woman who’s been in a relationship with someone with kids from a previous relationship will understand Yor’s mindset. And I’ll be damned if she isn’t a great mother figure to Anya, even without trying.  

If it weren’t for moments like these that show that these are good people, I don’t think them carrying out the mission as a fake family would work. Twilight, Yor, and Anya are legit caring, loving individuals who have understandable reasons for their actions or mindsets.

Final Thoughts

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The Forgers are a unique set of characters, to say the least. I don’t think I’ve ever seen characters like these before, for that matter. But that’s a good thing.  

The Forgers, despite not being a real family, very much play the role of one. And add to them being relatable and just all-around likable, and you have a pretty believable family. I’m glad these characters and this show are as popular and being talked about as much as they are because this is how you write great characters.

And that’s what I didn’t say (in full detail) about the Forger family.  


And so that wraps up today’s review. Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned next week for the monthly tradition that is Character of the Month. And it looks like it’ll be a tough one this time.

Till next time, stay tuned for more and enjoy the rest of your day!

-Hanime on Anime

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