Character of the Month: Inuyasha and Kagome

Greetings, fabulous people of the Internet! Hanime on Anime here, and it’s that time again to reveal this month’s Character of the Month. And I’m not gonna lie; I went with a very run-of-the-mill choice. But in these two characters (yes, it’s two this time), in their defense of being easy picks as well as well-known characters, there’s a reason why audiences remember them so fondly.  

Plus, there wasn’t anyone else this month that stood out. I can’t tell if that’s Takahashi writing great characters or just everyone being mediocre, but that’s beside the point.  

Let’s talk about Flashback February’s Characters of the Month, Inuyasha and Kagome from Inuyasha the Movie!


And on that note, I’m going to assume that most of you are familiar enough with these characters that I don’t need to go into a synopsis. Instead, I’ll jump right into this discussion by asking why. Why did I pick Inuyasha and Kagome for this month’s Characters?

Yes, these are characters that almost everyone who watches anime knows about. And yes, it gets real damn tedious watching these two go through this cycle of loving and hating each other. But there’s a reason why these two are so fondly remembered among fans of the show and casual watchers alike.

Despite their fighting and bickering, they do care for each other.


I’ve noticed in all the anime shows I reviewed for the Takahashi Takeover that while the main characters and secondary characters/love interests might not always get along, they care about the other’s well-being. And in some cases, they lend a hand to help the other out. Sometimes it’s something big like Lum disguising herself as Ataru’s secret admirer to help him win a bet or Ranma holding Akane’s bag while she fights off high school guys trying to take her out.

But Inuyasha: Affections Touching Across Time showed the best of this compassion with Inuyasha and Kagome. And sure, it shows the complete cycle you’d see in Inuyasha, but I feel like the film gives you a complete product with these two without having to repeat itself. Plus, it also presents a very touching moment between them.

Dear Chibi

I love the moment in the movie when Kagome talks to Inuyasha through the Tree of Ages, not just because it’s a cool scene with the Tree, but because you see Kagome’s genuine worry for her friend and whether or not he’s okay. And on the flip side, you see a softer side of Inuyasha that wasn’t often seen in a typical setting at that point in the franchise. 

So despite going for, what I feel, is an average choice for this month’s pick, I’ll defend picking Inuyasha and Kagome because they care for one another. And that love and care are clearly seen. 

So keep on being the loving, caring, bickering couple we all know, and love, Inuyasha and Kagome, cause y’all are Hanime on Anime’s Character of the Month for Flashback February 2023!


I didn’t have anything special planned for March outside my usual reviews. But all of the shows next month have been on my watchlist for some time. Some I’ve been meaning to watch for the sake of reviewing them, and others are just for fun.

Next week’s will be the latter. And all I’ll say is watch out for loads of raining cherry blossoms.

Till next time, stay tuned for more, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

-Hanime on Anime


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